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Message from The General Chairs

SIBGRAPI 2013 (Conference on Graphics, Patterns, and Images) is the 26th edition of the formerly Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing Conference annually promoted by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC), through its special interest group on Graphics and Image Processing (CEGRAPI). The XXVI edition of the SIBGRAPI was organized for the first time outside Brazil, in coordination with the Peruvian Computer Society (SPC), its special interest group on Computer Graphics and Images (CGI) and the San Pablo Catholic University (UCSP). The conference was held on August 5-8 2013, in the historical city of Arequipa, Peru. Arequipa is placed in the Southern Coastal region of Peru just below the edge of the Altiplano at 2335 meters above sea level and surrounded by three impressive volcanoes. Arequipa is also known as The White City (Ciudad Blanca) because its many colonial-era Spanish buildings built of "sillar", a pearly white volcanic rock. The city is about an hour away by plane from Lima and about 35 minutes away of Cuzco by plane. Student researchers and professionals participated in the event by submitting original work in all areas of Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, including but not limited to the following fields: animation and simulation, biomedical imaging and visualization, biometrics, computational geometry, computer vision and robotics, document processing and analysis, feature extraction and matching, games, geometric and solid modeling, graphical interfaces, graphics hardware, image and video analysis, image and video filtering and restoration, image and video registration, image and video retrieval, image and video segmentation, information visualization, visual learning, mathematical morphology, mobile graphics, motion and tracking, non-photorealistic rendering, pattern recognition, point-based modeling, real-time imaging and rendering, remote sensing and geophysical imaging, scientific visualization, shape representation and matching, simplification and compression, stereo/3D imaging, surface reconstruction, virtual and augmented reality, visual data mining. Besides the traditional electronic proceedings distributed to the participants, papers will be available throughout the website, and the technical papers sessions will be recorded and also made available. The technical papers will be included in the IEEE Digital Library and are already available at the SIBGRAPI Digital Library Archive. It has been an honor and an extraordinary experience in organizing SIBGRAPI 2013 in Peru - Arequipa.

We would like to thank all the chairs for their outstanding work leading the event. We would also like to give a warm thank to the authors of technical papers, tutorials, workshops and the invited speakers for their invaluable contribution to the success of SIBGRAPI 2013. Finally, we thank several institutions that directly or indirectly supported the organization of SIBGRAPI 2013: San Pablo Catholic University (UCSP), Brazilian Computer Society (SBC), Peruvian Computer Society (SPC), San Agustin National University (UNSA), Santa Maria Catholic University (UCSM), La Salle University, Google, and IBM.

We wish all participants the best finding opportunities to share and learn from each other. Welcome to SIBGRAPI 2013!

Alex Cuadros-Vargas, Helio Pedrini
General and Local Chairs

Message from The Program Chairs

Welcome to the 26th SIBGRAPI - Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images!

SIBGRAPI is the most prestigious conference in South America dedicated to Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Visualization, and related areas. Formerly known as the Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing, it has been held in Brazil since 1988. This year SIBGRAPI is being held in Peru, outside Brazil for the first time.

We prepared a four-day program including three keynote speakers, 8 tutorials, and 48 papers in the technical papers track, to be presented in 10 thematic sessions. The program also includes the three traditional workshops of theses and dissertations (WTD), undergraduate works (WUW) and works in progress (WIP).

In the technical papers track, we received 122 submissions by authors from institutions in 16 countries. They all went through a double blind review process, with three reviews per paper. We are very grateful to all authors, who have chosen SIBGRAPI to submit their work, as well as to the 61 TPC members and 163 reviewers that helped us in this process with very detailed and valuable comments on the submissions.

We also thank the local organizing committee, the workshops and tutorials chairs, the keynote speakers, session chairs, and the tutorial instructors for their participation and immensurable contribution for SIBGRAPI 2013. Finally, we thank several institutions that supported directly or indirectly the organization of SIBGRAPI 2013: San Pablo Catholic University (UCSP), Brazilian Computer Society (SBC), Peruvian Computer Society (SPC), San Agustin National University (UNSA), Santa Maria Catholic University (UCSM), La Salle University, Google, and IBM.

We hope you all enjoy SIBGRAPI 2013!

Kim Boyer, Nina Hirata, Luciana Nedel and Claudio Silva
Sibgrapi 2013 Program Chairs

Message from The Tutorials Chairs

The Tutorial Sessions has been an important part of SIBGRAPI for introducing new topics to participants of all levels of expertise. We have received 9 submissions in 2013, and each submission was reviewed by at least three reviewers. Though all of them have received an overall grade higher than 7 (out of 10), due to budget constraints, only 8 will be presented. The authors of 4 of these 8 tutorials have also submitted a survey paper. Each survey paper was reviewed a second time by at least two reviewers, before being accepted for publication.

We would like to thank the General Chairs and the Program Chairs for granting this opportunity to us, the Local Organization Committee for finding the space and equipment required for each tutorial, and in particular, we would like to thank each one of the 20 reviewers whose effort contributed to guarantee the high quality of SIBGRAPI 2013 tutorials.

We hope you all have a great time in Arequipa!

Carlos H. Morimoto and César B. Castañón
SIBGRAPI 2013 Tutorial Chairs

Message from The Workshop of Theses and Dissertations Chairs

In 2013, we had 25 paper submissions for the Workshop of Thesis and Dissertations, being 18 from Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition, and 7 from Computer Graphics and Visualization. The technical committee consisted of 11 professor members and 18 researcher reviewers. Considering the reviewers' comments on the high quality of the works from both categories MSc and PhD, we have selected 21 papers for presentation at SIBGRAPI 2013 in Arequipa, Peru.

We would like to thank the valuable collaboration of all members of the technical committee.

Alexandre Xavier Falcão and Fernando V. Paulovich
SIBGRAPI 2013 WTD Chairs

Message from The Workshop of Undergraduate Works Chairs

The Workshop of Undergraduate Works (WUW) has as main goal to motivate undergraduate students involved in research projects on Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, and Computer Vision. Accepted works are included in the electronic proceedings, formatted in six-page papers and written in Portuguese, Spanish or in English.

In this year, we received 23 submissions. During the review phase, each paper was evaluated by at least three different referees, leading to 18 accepted papers. One paper was withdrawn due to no authors registration, remaining 17 works for poster presentation during the event.

We would like to thank the authors, for their invaluable contribution, and the reviewers, who dedicated a lot of their valuable time in the revision. Finally, we would like to congratulate the local organizing committee and the program committee for their excellent work leading the SIBGRAPI activities.

Andréia Formico and David Menotti
SIBGRAPI 2013 WUW Chairs

Message from Workshop of Works in Progress Chairs

The Work in Progress (WIP) session keeps alive the seminal tradition of scientific meetings: spaces where new ideas are openly discussed, even if they have not been fully validated as required by the classical scientific method. One of the advantages of having such a venue is that participants are encouraged to present their ongoing work to an audience that is not expecting finished results, but the proposal of innovative sound solutions to interesting problems. The quest for valuable feedback is at the core of this session and, as such, the evaluation process is somewhat different from other tracks within the same conference. We selected twenty-one manuscripts for their potential to raising qualified discussions among the participants. They cover a wide variety of topics ranging from image filters to data structures for computer graphics, from vision to visualization, and from biometric signal processing to pattern recognition. They will be presented as posters, in order to foster even further the interaction between authors and other attendees. Our gratitude goes to the reviewers that helped us identify those contributions with the highest scientific potential, and all the authors that submitted their work to this session. We wish all participants of SIBGRAPI 2013 a stimulating conference.

Soraia Musse and Alejandro C. Frery
SIBGRAPI 2013 WIP Chairs