.: SIBGRAPI 2013 - Technical Papers :.

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Pattern Recognition and Feature Extraction

Fingerspelling Recognition from RGB-D information using kernel descriptor

Karla Otiniano-Rodríguez (UFOP), Guillermo Camara-Chavez (UFOP)

Feature Learning by Multidimensional Scaling and its Applications in Object Recognition (supplementary material)

Quan Wang (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Kim Boyer (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Classifier Selection based on the Correlation of Diversity Measures: When Fewer is More

Fabio Faria (UNICAMP), Jefersson dos Santos (UNICAMP), Sudeep Sarkar (University of South Florida), Anderson Rocha (UNICAMP), Ricardo Torres (UNICAMP)

Using Unsupervised Learning for Graph Construction in Semi-Supervised Learning with Graphs

Diego Chavez Escalante (UNICAMP), Gabriel Taubin (Brown University), Luis Nonato (USP-São Carlos), Siome Goldenstein (UNICAMP)

Animation and Simulation

A multipotential field model for crowds with scalable behaviors (supplementary material)

Teófilo Dutra (UFC), Joaquim Cavalcante-Neto (UFC), Creto Vidal (UFC), Soraia Musse (PUCRS)

Applications of Conformal Geometric Algebra in Mesh Deformation (supplementary material)

Mauricio López Belón (Huddle Group S.A.)

Multiphase Flow of Incompressible Fluids Employing Regional Level Set and Volume Control (supplementary material)

Túlio Santos (UFRJ), Antonio Oliveira (UFRJ), Paulo Cavalcanti (UFRJ), Claudio Esperança (UFRJ)

Exploiting Space and Time Coherence in Grid-based Sorting

Rubens Carlos Silva Oliveira (UFRJ), Claudio Esperança (UFRJ), Antonio Alberto Fernandes de Oliveira (UFRJ)

Image and Video Analysis

Change detection in human crowds

Igor Almeida (UFRGS), Claudio Jung (UFRGS)

A Tensor Motion Descriptor Based on Multiple Gradient Estimators

Dhiego Sad (UFJF), Virginia Mota (UFMG), Luiz Maciel (UFJF), Marcelo Bernardes Vieira (UFJF), Arnaldo de Albuquerque Araújo (UFMG)

Real-time Object Tracking in High-Definition Video Using Frame Segmentation and Background Integral Images

Gustavo Moreira (PUC-Rio), Bruno Feijo (PUC-Rio), Raul Feitosa (PUC-Rio), Helio Lopes (PUC-Rio)

Real-time detection and classification of road lane markings

Maurício de Paula (UFRGS), Claudio Jung (UFRGS)

Information and Scientific Visualization

MIST: Multiscale Information and Summaries of Texts

Paulo Pagliosa (UFMS), Rafael Martins (USP), Douglas Cedrim (USP), Afonso Paiva (USP-São Carlos), Rosane Minghim (USP-São Carlos), Luis Gustavo Nonato (USP-São Carlos)

Visualizing Running Races Through the Multivariate Time-Series of Multiple Runners (supplementary material)

Guilherme Oliveira (UFRGS), João Comba (UFRGS), Rafael Torchelsen (UFFS), Claudio Silva (NYU), Maristela Padilha (IPA)

Multidimensional Projections to Explore Time-Varying Multivariate Volume Data

Christian Wong (SECC), Maria Cristina de Oliveira (USP-São Carlos), Rosane Minghim (USP-São Carlos)

Mixed Integer Optimization for Layout Arrangement (supplementary material)

Erick Gomez-Nieto (San Pablo Catholic University), Wallace Casaca (USP), Luis Gustavo Nonato (USP-São Carlos), Gabriel Taubin (Brown University)

Image Segmentation and Filtering

Interactive Segmentation by Image Foresting Transform on Superpixel Graphs

Paulo Rauber (UNICAMP), Alexandre Falcão (UNICAMP), Thiago Spina (UNICAMP), Pedro de Rezende (UNICAMP)

Parallel Image Segmentation Using Reduction-Sweeps On Multicore Processors and GPUs

Renato Farias (UFRJ), Ricardo Farias (UFRJ), Ricardo Marroquim (UFRJ), Esteban Clua (UFF)

Image Segmentation by Image Foresting Transform with Non-smooth Connectivity Functions

Lucy A. C. Mansilla (USP), Fábio Cappabianco (UNIFESP), Paulo Miranda (USP)

MRI Iterative Super Resolution with Wiener Filter Regularization

Marcia Aguena (UFSCar), Nelson Mascarenhas (UFSCar), Junia Anacleto (UFSCar), Sidney Fels (University of British Columbia)

Games, Geometric and Solid Modeling

Three-Dimensional Face Caricaturing by Anthropometric Distortions

Roberto Vieira (UFC), Creto Vidal (UFC), Joaquim Cavalcante-Neto (UFC)

Polygonal Mesh Extraction From Digital Voxel Art

Carlos Muniz (UFF), Anselmo Montenegro (UFF), Marcos Lage (UFF), Cristina Vasconcelos (UFF)

Shape Inflation With and Adapted Laplacian Operator For Hybrid Quad/Triangle Meshes (supplementary material)

Alexander Pinzón (Universidad Nacional de Colombia)

Normal Correction Towards Smoothing Point-based Surfaces

Paola Valdivia (USP), Douglas Cedrim (USP), Fabiano Petronetto (UFES), Afonso Paiva (USP-São Carlos), Luis Gustavo Nonato (USP-São Carlos)

Computer Vision

A Flexible Framework for Fusing Image Collections into Panoramas (supplementary material)

Wathsala Widanagamaachchi (University of Utah), Paul Rosen (University of Utah), Valerio Pascucci (SCI-Utah)

A Vision Based Algorithm for the Guidance of a Glider

John Martínez (Universidad de los Andes), José Hernández (Universidad de los Andes), Carlos Rodriguez (Universidad de los Andes)

Visual and Inertial Data Fusion for Globally Consistent Point Cloud Registration

Claudio Fernandes (UFMG), Erickson Nascimento (UFMG), Mario Fernando Campos (UFMG)

Image/Video Processing and Retrieval

Re-identifying People based on Indexing Structure and Manifold Appearance Modeling

Cristianne Dutra (UFMG), Tiago Souza (UFBA), Raul Alves (UFBA), William Schwartz (UFMG), Luciano Oliveira (UFBA)

A New Method for Static Video Summarization Using Local Descriptors and Video Temporal Segmentation

Edward Cayllahua Cahuina (Universidad San Pablo), Guillermo Camara-Chavez (UFOP)

Sketch-Finder: efficient and effective sketch-based retrieval for large image collections

Carlos Alberto Pimentel Filho (UFMG), Arnaldo de Albuquerque Araújo (UFMG), Michel Crucianu (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers), Valerie Gouet-Brunet (IGN - Laboratoire MATISs)

An Approach for Non-Photorealistic Rendering that is Appealing to Human Viewers (supplementary material)

João Alencar Jr (UFCG), Jose Eustaquio de Queiroz (UFCG), Herman Gomes (UFCG)

Real-time Imaging and Rendering

Query Tools for Interactive Exploration of 3D Neuroimages: Cropping, Probe and Lens (supplementary material)

Wu Shin-Ting (UNICAMP), José Elías Yauri Vidalón (UNICAMP), Wallace Loos (UNICAMP), Ana Carolina Coan (UNICAMP)

Dynamic per Object Ray Caching Textures for Real-Time Ray Tracing

Christian Ruff (UFF), Esteban Clua (UFF), Leandro Fernandes (UFF)

Explorable Volumetric Depth Images from Raycasting

Steffen Frey (University of Stuttgart), Filip Sadlo (University of Stuttgart), Thomas Ertl (University of Stuttgart)

Real Time Pixel Art Remasterization on GPUs (supplementary material)

Marco Aurélio da Silva (UFF), Anselmo Montenegro (UFF), Esteban Clua (UFF), Cristina Vasconcelos (UFF), Marcos Lage (UFF)

Graphics, Patterns and Images

Capture and Stylization of Human Models (supplementary material)

Edilson de Aguiar (UFES), Leandro Lesqueves Costalonga (UFES), Luís Otávio Rigo Júnior (UFES), Rodolfo Villaça (UFES)

Realistic Modeling of Self-adapted Spider Orb-webs in Real-time

Wagner Schmitt (UFRGS), Marcelo Walter (UFRGS), João Comba (UFRGS)

Streamline-based topological graph construction with application to self-animated images

Renata Nascimento (PUC-Rio), Thomas Lewiner (PUC-Rio)

Single-Seek Data Layout for Walkthrough Applications

Shan Jiang (University of California, Irvine), Behzad Sajadi (University of California, Irvine), M. Gopi (University of California)

From Bag-of-Visual-Words to Bag-of-Visual-Phrases using n-Grams

Glauco Pedrosa (USP-São Carlos), Agma Traina (USP-São Carlos)

Ranking Methods for Tensor Components Analysis and their Application to Face Images

Tiene Filisbino (National Laboratory of Scientific Computing), Gilson Giraldi (National Laboratory for Scientific Computing), Carlos Thomaz (Centro Universitario da FEI)

Hierarchical video segmentation using an observation scale

Kleber Jacques (UFMG), Arnaldo de Albuquerque Araújo (UFMG), Zenilton Kleber Patrocínio Jr (PUC-Minas), Jean Cousty (Université Paris-Est), Yukiko Kenmochy (ESIEE), Laurent Najman (ESIEE), Silvio Guimarães (PUC Minas)

Combining Orientation Tensors for Human Action Recognition

Virginia Mota (UFMG), Jéssica Souza (UFMG), Arnaldo de Albuquerque Araújo (UFMG), Marcelo Bernardes Vieira (UFJF)

A Multiple Labeling-based Optimum-Path Forest for Video Content Classification

Luis Augusto Pereira (UNESP), João Paulo Papa (UNESP), Jurandy Almeida (UNICAMP), Ricardo Torres (UNICAMP), Willian Paraguassu Amorim (UFGD)

Unsupervised measures for estimating the effectiveness of image retrieval systems

Daniel Pedronette (UNICAMP), Ricardo Torres (UNICAMP)

Extraction of numerical residues in families of levelings

Wonder Alves (USP), Alexandre Morimitsu (USP), Joel Sánchez Castro (USP), Ronaldo Hashimoto (USP)

Towards Regional Fusion for High-Resolution Palmprint Recognition

Ruifang Wang (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid), Daniel Ramos (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid), Julian Fierrez (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid), Ram P. Krish (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)

An Improved Face Verification Approach based on Speedup Robust Features and Pairwise Matching

Eduardo Moura (UFCG), Herman Gomes (UFCG), Joao Carvalho (UFCG)