.: SIBGRAPI 2013- Workshop of Theses and Dissertations :.

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Published Papers

Multidimensional Projection Applied to Textual Search Results Visualization

Erick Gomez-Nieto (UCSP), Luis Gustavo Nonato (ICMC-USP)

Detection of Thin and Ramified Structures in Images using Markov Random Fields and Perceptual Information

Talita Perciano (USP), Roberto Hirata Jr. (USP), Roberto Cesar Jr. (IME-USP)

Semi-automatic Classification of Remote Sensing Images

Jefersson dos Santos (UNICAMP), Alexandre Falcao (UNICAMP), Ricardo Torres (UNICAMP), Philippe-Henri Gosselin (ENSEA), Sylvie Philipp-Foliguet (ETIS)

Image and Video Representations based on Visual Dictionaries

Otavio Penatti (UNICAMP), Ricardo Torres (UNICAMP), Eduardo Valle (UNICAMP)

Computer Vision Methods Applicable to Forensic Science

Fernanda Andaló (UNICAMP), Siome Goldenstein (UNICAMP)

Automatic Alignment and Reconstruction of Facial Depth Images

Giancarlo Nascimento (UFF), Leandro Fernandes (UFF)

Robust Model for Vehicle Type Identification in Video Traffic Surveillance

Rensso Victor Hugo Mora Colque (UFOP), Guillermo Camara-Chavez (UFOP)

Text Recognition and 2D/3D Object Tracking

Rodrigo Minetto (UNICAMP)

Fractal Descriptors Applied to Texture Analysis

Joao Florindo (IFSC-USP), Odemir Bruno (IFSC-USP)

Texture Descriptors and Pattern Recognition Classifiers based Analysis of White Matter Hyperintensity in MR Images

Mariana Bento (UNICAMP), Leticia Rittner (UNICAMP), Roberto Lotufo (UNICAMP)

QR Code Detection in Arbitrarily Acquired Images

Luiz Belussi (USP), Nina Hirata (USP)

"On The Development of a Robust, Fast and Lightweight Keypoint Descriptor"

Erickson Nascimento (UFMG), Mario Fernando Campos (UFMG)

Extended Bag-of-Words Formalism for Image Classification

Sandra Avila (UFMG), Nicolas Thome (LIP6-UPMC), Matthieu Cord (LIP6-UPMC), Eduardo Valle (UNICAMP), Arnaldo de Albuquerque Araújo (UFMG)

Land Cover Detection Using Temporal Features Based On Polar Representation

Thales Sehn Korting (INPE), Gilberto Camara (INPE), Leila Fonseca (INPE)

Interaction with Public Displays Using a Natural User Interface Based on an Extended Version of Kinect SDK

Thiago Motta (UFRGS), Luciana Nedel (UFRGS)

Extraction of Tubular Network From 3D Angiography Using Hough Transform

Maysa Macedo (USP), Marcel Jackowski (IME-USP)

Computational Techniques to support Visual Image Classification

Jose Paiva (UFU), Rosane Minghim (ICMC-USP)

Spatial Density Patterns as Representation for Point Cloud Comparison and Applications

Antonio Wilson Vieira (UNIMONTES), Mario Fernando Campos (UFMG)

SAR Image Despeckling Algorithms using Stochastic Distances and Nonlocal Means

Leonardo Torres (INPE), Alejandro Frery (UFAL)

Evolutive Algorithms Applied To The Straight Line Segment Classifier

Rosario A. Medina Rodríguez (USP)

A Study on the Role of Similarity Measures in Visual Text Analytics

Frizzi San Roman Salazar (ICMC-USP), Rosane Minghim (ICMC-USP), Maria Cristina de Oliveira (ICMC-USP)