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How to reach Arequipa

Most travelers to Arequipa from outside Peru will find themselves going through Lima.  There are several flights a day from there to Arequipa; the trip lasts approximately one hour. Lima is easily reachable from most major Latin American cities (Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Mexico City, Santiago, Sao Paulo, etc.) and from several major US cities (Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, and Newark).  Some direct flights from Europe exist, such as Amsterdam--Lima and Madrid--Lima.  Travelers from Asia will probably find themselves going through the US.  Many international flights arrive in Lima late at night, and travelers planning to go directly on to Arequipa might have to wait overnight for their connections.  Thus, some people might prefer to spend a night in Lima before proceeding to Arequipa.

The Arequipa airport is around 15 minutes away from downtown under normal traffic.  The conference hotel will offer transportation to and from the airport for its guests.  For travelers without access to these services, the organizers will make arrangements with local providers.

A considerably cheaper alternative to plane travel is to take a bus.  The trip from Lima to Arequipa lasts around 16 hours.  If you choose this means of transportation, we recommend that you take an express bus.

Traveling from Lima to Arequipa

By plane: The following airlines offer daily flights from Lima (approx. 50 min.) and Cuzco (approx. 30 min.).


By bus: The following bus companies are offer non-stop service from Lima to Arequipa:


The 1.003 KM trip takes about 16 hours.

How to reach the conference site

SIBGRAPI 2013 will be held at the San Lázaro Campus of San Pablo Catholic University (UCSP).

Urb. Campiña Paisajista s/n Quinta Vivanco

Phone:  +51-54-605630 ext. 370

Fax: +51- 54- 281517

The university is located in Arequipa’s San Lázaro neighborhood, about five blocks from the Main Square. 






Saturday the 20th. XXVI SIBGRAPI CONFERENCE ON GRAPHICS PATTERNS AND IMAGES | Campus Campiña Paisajista s/n Quinta Vivanco, Arequipa | Telf: +51 54 605630, +51 54 605600